Tuesday, July 17, 2012

RC6 Ticket Sale

Early Registration for ROOTCON 6 ended yesterday July 16, 2012 at exactly 12 midnight.

Regular rate registration is now open until August 17, 2012, since we want you to come!!! we are still giving away discounts get our group of 5 package and get 10% off.

What are you waiting for REGISTER NOW!!!!


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Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Secrecy (New Game)

This year we introduce to you "The Secrecy" is composed of 10 levels, each levels has a secret / hidden phrase or word that you need to find for the players to proceed to the next levels.

Let the cracking begin!!!

Game Mechanics 
The objective of this game is to reach the top-most level which is level 10. In order to achieve that you need to pass each level and get the secret / hidden phrase or word.

The Rules 
1. NO DIRECT DDoS on the game servers.
 2. NO Physical Coercion on players and crew.
 3. Spies works on their own, this is a single player game. You can however have a handler to coach you throughout the game.
 4. Spies are resourceful breaking codes, so be like one ;-)
 5. Bring your own spy gears, laptop, AP, GPS tracking, whatever you think you will need.

Who Can Play 
Any ROOTCON attendee (except for the ROOTCON Goons).

Start of the conference

Prizes Shining UberH4x0r Badge, which entitles you to be put up on the ROOTCON Hall of Fame, free entrance on the next ROOTCON Conference.

Crew / Agents / Handlers 
Encrypted84 Semprix (The Fork Meister)

More details at https://www.rootcon.org/xml/rootcon6/activities#secrecy
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