ROOTCON 7 Details 6.2.13

Date and Venue

The largest annual hacker conference in the country ROOTCON will celebrate its 7th year this coming September 12-14, 2013. The first day which is September 12 will be packed with workshops and training organized by our very own NexSquare Inc. followed by the con proper on September 13th and 14th.  After a considerable days of negotiating our venue to cater more attendees we came up with a verdict that we will be returning to Parklane International Hotel in Cebu City.

Activities and Workshops
This year our very own NexSquare Inc. are kind enough to organize workshop on the first day of the conference. Some of the pre-final workshops are as follows:

WiFu - Introduction to Wireless Security
Hacking 101 - Introduction to Hackery
Lockpick 101 - Introduction to LockPicking
Metasploit-Fu - Ninja training on Metasploit
Web App Security - Introduction to Web Application Penetration Testing

These workshops are introductory to trainings offered by NexSquare Inc. with a very reasonable price to CON-Goers.

We also have our pre-con activities; activities like:

WiFi Shootout
Pre-con gathering (H4xor BBQ)

We wanted ROOTCON to stay the cheapest and yet the best hacker conference in town; we were able to maintain the price of Php2800.00 for two consecutive years; however economically our materials and logistics costs increased so in order to cover all of our expenses such us speakers airfare and accommodation, badges, swags, meals and venue we came up with a slight price increase, this is also in parallel to the price our venue is giving us. The price for this year's conference are as follows:

Early Pro Registration: Php3300.00
Early Student Registration: Php2800.00
Group of 5 Registration: Php14025 (less 15%)

Late Pro Registration: Php4300.00
Late Student Registration: Php3800.00

Stay tuned for regular updates on the following

Main Site:

We hope to see everyone at ROOTCON this year!!!!

Hackers Unite

All the best,
-semprix hacking incident 1.12.12

Around 15:00 while upgrading the ROOTCON systems one of the ROOTCON Goons reported that there was a hacking incident on Sulit (an online buy and sell portal the incident was claimed by ROOTCON.ORG and ANONYMOUS.

The Sulit website was replaced by the homepage of, another classified ads portal in the country. Also, the title of the hacked page states: “ROOTCON.ORG We are anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.” temporarily shut down its site, and issued an advisory to the public via Twitter @sulit:“A relatively simple attack was made against us. We should be back online and back to normal in a few minutes. To be clear, only a 3rd-party vendor was compromised; our data, application, and servers were unaffected and are intact.”   source:

The ROOTCON core group is composed of high level security professionals, we always ensure we observe proper ethics through responsible full-disclosure if given one of our members found a serious vulnerabilities on certain web application or network. The internet is a free world to live anyone can easily tag and use the name ROOTCON as part of their hacking adventure. ROOTCON is not an underground group we are a legitimate group registered under Security and Exchange Commission, we only provide neutral venue where enterprise, government and underground share best practice, latest trends and cutting edge security techonologies.

On behalf of ROOTCON and its Goons I would like to inform everyone that ROOTCON and its crew does not condone illegal activities like this and we are not part of the hacking incident that occurred. The attack was acknowledged by certain group which is NOT part of ROOTCON. This incident is another heads-up to our security professionals and system administrators to take information security seriously; its a crazy world out there.

Check out the Official Sulit Press Release

semprix (The Fork Meister)

RC6 Ticket Sale 17.7.12

Early Registration for ROOTCON 6 ended yesterday July 16, 2012 at exactly 12 midnight.

Regular rate registration is now open until August 17, 2012, since we want you to come!!! we are still giving away discounts get our group of 5 package and get 10% off.

What are you waiting for REGISTER NOW!!!!

The Secrecy (New Game) 14.7.12

This year we introduce to you "The Secrecy" is composed of 10 levels, each levels has a secret / hidden phrase or word that you need to find for the players to proceed to the next levels.

Let the cracking begin!!!

Game Mechanics 
The objective of this game is to reach the top-most level which is level 10. In order to achieve that you need to pass each level and get the secret / hidden phrase or word.

The Rules 
1. NO DIRECT DDoS on the game servers.
 2. NO Physical Coercion on players and crew.
 3. Spies works on their own, this is a single player game. You can however have a handler to coach you throughout the game.
 4. Spies are resourceful breaking codes, so be like one ;-)
 5. Bring your own spy gears, laptop, AP, GPS tracking, whatever you think you will need.

Who Can Play 
Any ROOTCON attendee (except for the ROOTCON Goons).

Start of the conference

Prizes Shining UberH4x0r Badge, which entitles you to be put up on the ROOTCON Hall of Fame, free entrance on the next ROOTCON Conference.

Crew / Agents / Handlers 
Encrypted84 Semprix (The Fork Meister)

More details at

ROOTCON 6 SpeedTalks 11.6.12

At ROOTCON we value everyone....CON-Goers, Sponsors and Partners. This year we are giving away our sponsors the opportunity to talk about what they do, this year we introduced "SpeedTalks". SpeedTalks is available to all major participating sponsors for ROOTCON 6.

The mechanics is pretty straight forward.

1. Avail one of the Major Sponsors of ROOTCON 6

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
2. Sponsoring company will send a delegate for their entry on SpeedTalks.
3. Sponsoring companies are given a blazing 10 minutes for their product demo / presentation and product updates.
4. SpeedTalks will be given on Day 1 and Day 2.
5. ROOTCON will align all schedules to the sponsoring company representatives.
6. NO QUESTIONS should be entertained during the SpeedTalk, the allotted 10 minutes is purely presentation / demo / talk. All questions should be addressed on the sponsors booth.

What are you waiting for? Contact our sponsorship liaison.


Checking out BackTrack Linux 5r2-PenTesting Edition Lab! 10.6.12

What's a BackTrack Linux 5r2-PenTesting Edition Lab? What's with the edition thingy? Isn't BackTrack 5 a pentesting distro already? Why make a pentesting edition?

Maybe these are some of the questions you have in your mind after reading the title and because of that, I would like to give some few points about this edition.

BackTrack Linux 5r2-PenTesting Edition Lab is still the same BackTrack 5 r2 with the same pentesting tools pre-installed in the distribution and has KDE as its Desktop Environment although in you can also choose if you want Gnome or KDE. The only difference is that it includes all of the hosts, network infrastructure, tools, and targets necessary to practice penetration testing for the CPLT or Certified PenTest Laboratory course which is brought to you by PenTest Laboratory and the guys behind PenTest Magazine. 

This edition is a modified version of NETinVM which has a predefined User-mode Linux (UML) based penetration testing targets. When started, this builds an entire network of machines within the VMware virtual machine. The BackTrack Linux distribution is used to provide the tools necessary for completing the lab scenarios. Thus, It is an an all-in-one penetration testing lab environment that pre-configured with:

- A master (base) host utilizing BackTrack Linux 5r2
- A DMZ network with two hosts (targets)
- An “internal” network with one host (target)
- A pre-configured firewall

This pentesting lab is available for free to non-CPLT course students which can be downloaded here

Here are some of targets you can attack or play with:


About the Contributor:
Shipcode is a prolific blogger of ROOTCON and at the same time an InfoSec enthusiast from Cebu. He was inspired to join ROOTCON as part of the core team to share his knowledge in information security.  He encourages other like minded individuals to come forward and share their knowledge through blogging right here at ROOTCON Blog section.

ROOTCON is managed by like minded InfoSec professionals across the Philippines.  All rights reserved. Designated trademarks, brands and articles are the property of their respective owners.

8 Hacking and Information Security Magazines You Might Wanna Read 4.6.12

As a programming student, security researcher and a blogger; I always keep up to date about what is happening in cyber space by reading infosec articles and magazines. Magazines I usually read have niches or themes like Information Security, Cyber Warfare, Cyber Espionage, Penetration Testing and Hacking. And so here are 8 Hacking and Information Security Magazines that I like to share to all of you guys:

1. Hakin9 - Hakin9 Magazine is a payable magazine devoted to IT security and covers techniques of breaking into computer systems, defense and protection methods, tools and latest trends in IT Security. It has 4 different editions every month: Hakin9 – main issue, Hakin9 Extra – every issue is devoted to one topic only, Exploiting Software magazine – Partition Analysis, Stack Overflow and many more, and Mobile Security – hacking and securing of mobile systems and applications.

2. PenTest Magazine - PenTest Magzine is a payable magazine which focuses on Penetration Testing. It features articles by penetration testing specialists, enthusiasts, and experts in vulnerability assessment and management. The PenTest Magazine features 48 issues in a year – 4 issues in a month. Different title is published every week; PenTest Regular, Auditing & Standards PenTest, PenTest Market, and Web App Pentesting. Their team is also behind the Certified PenTest Laboratory Tester (CPLT) Certification.

3. ClubHack Magazine - ClubHack Magazine or CHmag is India's 1st Hacking Magazine and one of the media partners of ROOTCON. Their magazine is free to download and is divided into the following sections: Tech Gyan,  Legal Gyan, Tool Gyan, Mom's Guide, Matriux Vibhag, and Code Gyan. I also contributed one article to this magazine which is about Decoding ROT using the Echo and Tr Commands in your Linux Terminal. They are also the organizers of ClubHack Conference.

4. (IN)SECURE Magazine - (IN)SECURE Magazine is a free digital security publication discussing  information security topics by Help Net Security which has been a prime resource for information security news since 1998.. They also accept guest authors and has a lot of subscribers.

5. Phrack Magazine - Nothing beats the old school! Nobody messes with the Phrack Magazine which is an online ezine for hackers and by the hackers. Phrack was first released on November 17, 1985 which until now became the largest computer underground ezine. In fact, The Hacker’s Manifesto was also published in this online ezine on the 7th issue. Truly an old yet awesome archive which takes you to the old days of the hacker culture in the 80′s. The current issue is 68 and I thought it will end on issue number 63 but the good thing is it is still alive and kicking.

6. 2600: The Hacker Quarterly - 2600: The Hacker Quarterly is a publication that focuses in publishing information about subjects like phreaking, infosec, hacking, the computer underground, anarchist issues, and many more. 2600 has established the H.O.P.E. (Hackers On Planet Earth) conferences as well as monthly meetings in some countries.

7. Hacker5 - Hacker5 is a monthly magazine from India which provides you with some of the latest happenings in the Cyber world. Their team is composed of journalists and ethical hackers. Some of their magazines are free to download and some are payable. In their website, they also have a dedicated page for the hackers, security professionals and developers that they interviewed.

8. Hacker Monthly - Hacker Monthly is the print magazine edition of Hacker News which is a known social bookmarking news website and popular among programmers, SEO Specialists, Link Builders, developers, geeks and startup founders.Every month they select from the top voted articles that are bookmarked on Hacker News website and print them in magazine format but it is not for free anymore.

About the Contributor:
Shipcode is a prolific blogger of ROOTCON and at the same time an InfoSec enthusiast from Cebu. He was inspired to join ROOTCON as part of the core team to share his knowledge in information security.  He encourages other like minded individuals to come forward and share their knowledge through blogging right here at ROOTCON Blog section.

ROOTCON is managed by like minded InfoSec professionals across the Philippines.  All rights reserved. Designated trademarks, brands and articles are the property of their respective owners.