Thursday, October 06, 2016

ROOTCON 10 Capture The Flag Statistics

During ROOTCON 10, we introduced a new dedicated track for our Capture The Flag, with the comfortable CTF tables and chairs the game was well participated and was enjoyed by most of the players, not just the players enjoyed the game but as well as the spectators passing by. With the Chill-out track near by the CTF area you'll be tempted to Hack All The Drinks and Drink All The Booze.

Kudos to The Illuminated Beings for coming up with a very awesome challenges.

Here are the Statistics.

13 teams registered
304 wrong keys submitted
101 right keys submitted
30 challenges
Most solved: Trivia 3 with 9 solves
Least solved: Exploitation 1 with 0 solves

Congratulations to the following

1st place: Team Harambae
2nd place: Handshake Junior
3rd place: Hack Ganern
4th place: FlySolo
5th place: Team2Busan

We will be creating a repo on Github for the write-ups soon.

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Saturday, October 01, 2016

Thank you from semprix

In-behalf of the goons and volunteers of ROOTCON I would like to personally say THANK YOU!

This years conference was an epic one.

The topics delivered were highly technical and we thank our speakers for that! The trainings were jam-packed, we are looking into expanding our trainings with different cutting-edge topics by next year. The games were well participated, receiving feedbacks that they enjoyed our Capture The Flag this year makes us to do more of it. The newly introduced Semprix’ Mysterybox didn’t gain much players, maybe it was too difficult I will try to adjust the difficulty next year.

With the newly introduced multiple tracks, the Capture The Flag had it’s dedicated area so players can focus more on the game with comfortable table and seats. The chill-out area was another best decision we had, through out the two day conference we consumed 70 liters of beer, awesome right?

The post-con party was pretty epic as well! We consumed 20 bottles of hard-drinks from Jack Daniels, Bacardi, to Mojito, 120 bottles of beer were served not to mention Smirnoff Mule sponsored us 400 bottles!

Right after the conference the goons were already brain-storming what more cool stuffs we can add to next year. Here are some stuffs to watch-out for next year.
1. We will introduce Fort ROOTCON, an area around the conference were tools and exploits have demos.
2. Hacker Jeopardy will be rescheduled for everyone to be able to attend.
3. Day 1 party and movie night will be held at the conference hall.
4. Capture the Flag will be extended from 10:00am to 11:00pm in-conjunction with the day 1 party and movie night.

Some pre-con activities we are brewing up.
1. Campus tour with student Capture The Flag.
2. Hackerspace in January
3. ROOTCON Kids will be introduced as mini-event around the month of May.

ROOTCON will continue to serve the hacking community specially in the Philippines, where hackers, geeks, pros will meet old and new friends, enjoy and of course learn from each other. With that said it wouldn't be possible without our awesome attendees, you rock!

Again I would like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!

All the best,

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Thank You Sponsors for Making ROOTCON X Awesome!


These sponsors are genuine sponsors who supports the Information Security and Hacking community in the Philippines. ROOTCON won't be as awesome without these supporters.

Elite + ROOTCON Official Badge sponsor

Elite + ROOTCON Official t-shirt sponsor

Elite Sponsor

Platinum + ROOTCON Post-con Party Sponsor

Gold Sponsor

Gold Sponsor

Day Zero Party Sponsor

Post-con drinks sponsor

With that said, ROOTCON would like to say THANK YOU!


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