Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Approved 1st Round of Talks for ROOTCON X

Hey all geeks!

We've got some good news for yah. Yeah that's right! Our CFP board has just approved three talks waiting to be served on ROOTCON X: https://www.rootcon.org/xml/rc10/talks

The legendary crypto and IPV6 expert Lawrence Hughes is finally back for ROOTCON X and will deliver another awesome talk entitled "Certificate Based Strong Client Authentication as a Replacement for Username/Password".

A first time speaker at ROOTCON, Eskie Cirrus James D. Maquilang, C)PEH will be delivering his talk on "Exploiting Home Routers". For those of you who don't know Eskie, he is the guy responsible for the Vulnerability Note VU#525276 wherein he reported multiple vulnerabilities of SpeedSurf 504AN and Kasda KW58293 modems distributed by PLDT (Phillipine Long Distance Telephone).

Another first time speaker is a seasoned speaker at OWASP India, Nullcon, Blackhat Asia and many other conferences. Let us all welcome Sanoop Thomas who is the author of Xtreme Vulnerable Web Application (XVWA) and Halcyon. This year he will be presenting his very own Halcyon - "Halcyon – A Faster Way to Build Custom Scripts for Nmap Scans".