Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Filipino Penetration Testing Linux Distro on the Making

BackTrack, Blackbuntu, Backbox, Nodezro PHLAK, Knoppix-STD, Helix, etc.; these Linux distros are the common penetration testing distributions known today. But did you know that another Filipino is on the move on making a pentesting distro? Aside from semprix (the founder of ROOTCON) who is planning to make a BSD pentesting distro, we also have creatures who is currently developing a new Linux Distro which is the Project Playground.

Project Playground or “Pipi” is a pentesting distro based on Debian. It centers on web application security practice, it is packed with web apps intended to have vulnerabilities and weaknesses for you to practice. This includes DVWA, mutillidae, gruyere and webgoat and many more. Aside from those mentioned, articles and tutorials are also included.

For now the alpha release is available for download and I have already tried it. Kudos to creatures for the Alpha Release and for adding Nikto after my suggestion about the inclusion of the said tool and because it is still under development, you can email creatures at ysda27[at]gmail[dot]com or visit his website for more updates about his project. I hope he will add Metasploit on his distro! Creatures is currently planning on creating a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for the tools and web apps and you can stalk some of his tutorials on the ProjectX Blog.

About the Contributor:
Shipcode is a prolific blogger of ROOTCON and at the same time an InfoSec enthusiast from Cebu. He was inspired to join ROOTCON as part of the core team to share his knowledge in information security.  He encourages other like minded individuals to come forward and share their knowledge through blogging right here at ROOTCON Blog section.

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