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Setting Up Mutillidae on BackTrack 5 for Practicing your Web Fu Skills


Mutillidae is another free and open source web application for website penetration testing and hacking which was developed by Adrian "Irongeek" Crenshaw and Jeremy Druin. It is designed to be exploitable for it contains vulnerabilities and hints to help a user exploit a certain vulnerability. Ideal for practicing your Web Fu skills like sql injection, cross site scripting, html injection, javascript injection, clickjacking, local file inclusion, authentication bypass methods, remote code execution and many more.

website penetration testing
And so for newbies out there. I decided to write a simple guide on how to setup this web application in BackTrack 5. Open your terminal and move to the /var/www where we will be installing the web application: cd /var/www

Download the zip file and extract it: 


Edit the

cd mutillidae

By default the value $dbpass is left blank so we need to put toor which is the default password of BackTrack for connecting to your mysql.

database injection

You can also edit the set-up-database.php file so that you can choose what tables, columns and values are to be created or inserted for your database but you can just leave it for the time being. ;)

Now we need to start the necessary services for the web application to run:

service apache2 start
service mysql start

Then open your web browser and point it to or localhost/mutillidae/.


Next, let's have application setup the database automatically by clicking Core Controls > Setup/Reset the DB at the left side or Setup/Reset the DB at the upperight corner.

mysql database

The link takes you to

If you see no errors then you are ready to play with Mutillidae. You should be able to see the values of accounts table by using basic sql injection to

sql injection

Enjoy playing with it :)

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