Sunday, April 08, 2012

ROOTCON Easter Egg Solution

The ROOTCON Easter Egg Hunt is over, the hunt was pretty simple and straight forward, you just need to know some of the basic arsenal in your day to day hacking escapade.

The Solution:

Easter Egg #1 = The image show Master Yoda speaking the very familiar line "May the source be with you" followed by "A n00b you are". If you are a geek and into tech, you wouldn't miss watching Star Wars, the line "May the force be with you", was replaced with source, meaning it's giving you a hint that the first egg can be found on the source code of the page egg1.php

Easter Egg #2 = Easter Egg #2 has something to deal with braille, we gave the hint "3 blind mice", so you need to decode the braille dots into letters.

Easter Egg #3 = The ROOTCON Vault, this is pretty easy, you can de-crypt the vault using uudecode, or even Perl can unpack it. The first line of the vault says Begin blah blah, this should give you enough hint how it was being encrypted.

Easter Egg #4 = This Easter Egg is very simply, the picture of Cookie Monster says it all plus the text we placed. "Cookie" Monster. "No Cookie For You". The hint tells you that the next word is hidden under the site cookie. There are a lot of Add-ons, Plugins for browsers that will let you examine what is written off its cookie, Google Chrome has its native tool to do that "Developer Tools"

Easter Egg #5 = Again going back to the "image text" for hints, it says "Undress the ROOTCON Easter Bunny". The easter bunny is an image, to undress or to get information under an image you need to examine the EXIF attributes found on the image.

Only the first one to crack all the codes who will be entitle for the 50% discount offer for the ROOTCON 6 ticket.

Here are the top four winners (Click the image to enlarge)
(Note: We masked the Lastname of the winners to protect their identity)

I hope everyone enjoyed our little Easter Special.