Sunday, May 20, 2012

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Topic Details

Presentation Title: Randomized/Obfuscated Text Detection
Synopsis: Recent malwares have been using obfuscation techniques to hide its code from Antivirus software. Making use of emulation is very effective but would probably result in a slow performing machine especially when your valid apps are getting scanned from malwares. Thus, before a full emulation can be done, a static detection can help minimize this slow performance. Detecting the existence of obfuscated text segregates valid applications from malwares. This topic shows different methods on how to determine if a certain text is rather randomized.

Speaker: Reginald Wong
Speaker Background: Reggie has been in the anti-malware industry for almost 10 years doing research on different types of malwares. He currently heads the heuristics team at GFI Software Philippines and aims to detect malwares before they get in to your system.

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