Saturday, December 01, 2012 hacking incident

Around 15:00 while upgrading the ROOTCON systems one of the ROOTCON Goons reported that there was a hacking incident on Sulit (an online buy and sell portal the incident was claimed by ROOTCON.ORG and ANONYMOUS.

The Sulit website was replaced by the homepage of, another classified ads portal in the country. Also, the title of the hacked page states: “ROOTCON.ORG We are anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.” temporarily shut down its site, and issued an advisory to the public via Twitter @sulit:“A relatively simple attack was made against us. We should be back online and back to normal in a few minutes. To be clear, only a 3rd-party vendor was compromised; our data, application, and servers were unaffected and are intact.”   source:

The ROOTCON core group is composed of high level security professionals, we always ensure we observe proper ethics through responsible full-disclosure if given one of our members found a serious vulnerabilities on certain web application or network. The internet is a free world to live anyone can easily tag and use the name ROOTCON as part of their hacking adventure. ROOTCON is not an underground group we are a legitimate group registered under Security and Exchange Commission, we only provide neutral venue where enterprise, government and underground share best practice, latest trends and cutting edge security techonologies.

On behalf of ROOTCON and its Goons I would like to inform everyone that ROOTCON and its crew does not condone illegal activities like this and we are not part of the hacking incident that occurred. The attack was acknowledged by certain group which is NOT part of ROOTCON. This incident is another heads-up to our security professionals and system administrators to take information security seriously; its a crazy world out there.

Check out the Official Sulit Press Release

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