Friday, August 28, 2015

RC9 Capture The Flag

Do you have the guts to earn the ROOTCON Black Badge? Then this is for you, ROOTCON 9 Capture The Flag pre-registration is now open.

You may now pre-register at  CTF Pre-registration Form

What is Capture The Flag?

The most mind-buggling game at ROOTCON, get ready for the RC9 Capture The Flag.

Our Capture The Flag this year will have two stages:

Stage 1 - Hacker Jigsaw - you will be presented with puzzles coming from different areas for security such as forensics, web app testing, cryptography, network analysis, wireless security and many more.

Stage 2 - Pawnstar - there will be boxes to p4wn each box corresponds to a certain point.

3000 worth of Sodexo + 3 ROOTCON Black Badge
4 ROOTCON Black Badge

On the day registration

During Day 1 registration please approach a registration goon and ask that you will register for the CTF.

What are you waiting for? Get that black badge and bring home your bragging rights.