Thursday, July 30, 2015

ROOTCON officially launches ROOTCON Campus Tour

import rootcon
rootcon.print("Hello University Students!")

Ahem! Yes, ROOTCON in partnership with with De La Salle University - College of Computer Studies officially launches ROOTCON Campus Tour and the great thing about this event is that it is 100% Free.

ROOTCON Campus Tour is the first ever inter-university Capture the Flag (CTF) and infosec gathering for university students that aims to bring the ambience of the premier hacking conference in the Philippines, ROOTCON. The event is 100% FREE and covers topics like Information Security 101, Information Security Career 101, Introduction to Hacking, Exploit Development, Malware Analysis, Debugging, etc. 

The Capture the Flag event is the main highlight of this event wherein the champion could secure a FREE pass to ROOTCON 9. 

ROOTCON Campus Tour's CTF is not your ordinary hackathon or codefest because it is really an inter-university hacker cup that has intermediate to advance challenges like reverse engineering, return oriented programming, packet sniffing, debugging, web exploits, and many more to mention. 

ROOTCON Campus Tour wouldn't be a reality without the help of Isaac Sabas of Pandora Security Labs and De La Salle University - College of Computer Studies. Thank you for the help and we totally salute you guys!

You don't wanna miss this event! Stay tuned for more updates @