Sunday, July 19, 2015

ROOTCON Price Update

We received a lot of inquiries with regards to our price update this year.

Q: Why is there a price increase?
A: As much as we wanted to stick with the previous RC event prices we cannot, we need to adjust it according to our venue and logistics expenses 

Q: Why is the price increase high?
A: We adjusted the price according to the venue rates and logistic expenses. 

Q: Why not bring back RC event in Cebu for cheaper price?
A: We can do that, but its likely will going to increase as hotels are increasing their prices as well. 

Q: How much is RC9? early registration
A: Our price for RC9 will be P7450.00 

Q: How much is RC9 regular rate
A: Our price for RC9 regular rate is P8550.00 

Q: Is there still a group discount?
A: Yes, group discount is based on the regular rate, group price is P7700.00 

Q: Is there a student rate?
A: Yes, student rate is based on regular rate, student rate is P7500.00 

Q: How about the inclusions?
A: Our inclusions are still the same, official RC9 badge (electronic), lunch buffet, 2 day access to conference, and other swags. 

If you do the math, the expenses are still the same, if the event is in Cebu you will spend air-fare, hotel expenses, etc...etc... 

ROOTCON is dedicated to giving the best conference experience for our con-goers, the price will be worth-it compared to other infosec conferences in the country.