Monday, August 15, 2011

Do You Need Snort for Intrusion Detection?

If you haven't heard of Snort, you may be surprised at how much this system has to offer for FREE!

Snort has a proven track record, excellent performance and accuracy that will surely be around for a long term.

There are many products out there and some of them are rather expensive. Snort is an open source IDS (intrusion detection system) which is just as powerful and popular as any commercial product.

However, the big down side is that you don't have a customer support to help you out and you have to teach yourself on how to install, configure and maintain your IDS.

I know a former colleague of mine who has a good experience in using Snort. I'm not sure if he's available for an invitation to give a talk.

Well, if you're one of the good guys out there who loves to share your knowledge, then by all means contact us at info[at]rootcon[dot]org. We can have an informal meet-ups. After all, we are here to share and be part of ROOTCON community.

Stay Safe!

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