Monday, August 08, 2011

ROOTCON 5 Parteh and etc...etc...

ROOTCON 5 is 31 days away, the question is have you planned what to do during the two day Hacker CON? Or should it be, do you have an idea what its like to be at a Hacker CON? Well to give you an idea, ROOTCON like any other Hacker CON on the planet it's an awesome venue for Geeks, Hackers, Developers, and all tech enthusiasts.

The first thing to look forward are the talks, ROOTCON has gathered several cool talks, the next thing to look are the games hosted at ROOTCON, if you are into hacking, wargaming, then this is your place, ROOTCON Folks crafted some cool Capture The Flag games for the CON, from WiFi, Web to Shell breaking we have it all, and its all free for ROOTCON attendees.

And the coolest part being at a Hacker CON are the Partehs, yes you heard it right, Partehs. After Day 1 there will be a Geek-Up and Ninja/Pirate/Geek Parteh that will be held, right after Day 2 there will be a post-con parteh as well. Hacker CON is the best time to socialize with our fellow G33ks and H4x0rs. This is the best part of the CON that you don't want to miss at all.

At the time of writing we are already planning these Partehs, you can even plan with us!!! Be updated with our Twitter (@_rootcon_) and our Facebook ( Our brainstorming and planning will be put to public at our ROOTCON 5 Google Groups (

Let the Partheh and the Hacking begins..........