Thursday, August 04, 2011

[Hacked] City Government of Tagbilaran Website another victim

[August 4, 2011 @ 1:10AM] I was working past 12 mid night when all of a sudden somebody tipped me on Yahoo Messenger about a newly defaced government website. Below is a screen shot of the defaced site of the City Government of Tagbilaran:

One may ask, “Is there a backdoor shell behind this page?”

It is noticeable that there is a high trend of government sites that are regularly targeted by hackers in order to display political reasons; many defacers do it just for the thrill.

But the bottom line here is why it is happening every now and then? Is it to provoke your IT guys or to test how secure your website is?

Statistics shows that there will be more attacks to come. You should be ready to defend yourself. I’m not saying that you should just sit there and think.

It is true that hackers love technology and breaking your security. They are always one or two steps ahead of you but how do you prevent this from happening?

In one of my meetings with the founder of ROOTCON, especially when Semprix and I were invited by to share about Information Security, Semprix shared a very striking example of how a hacker thinks about technology:

To ordinary people, you see this spoon or fork as a tool for eating. For hackers, they look at it as a conductor for electricity.”

…and that is the reason why ROOTCON is about bridging these two worlds.

We all learn from each other when your views and opinions are shared.

What are your recommendations? Share your thoughts.

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