Thursday, September 01, 2011

ROOTCON Panel Discussion

Sad to say that one of our speakers backed-out at a very last minute. Due to very limited time, we don't have enough time to look for another replacement, and our speakers on the waiting list cannot do the talk because of very limited time to prepare for their presentation

And as a replacement, we will be having a ROOTCON Panel Discussion both on Day 1 and Day 2. Panel Discussion is a very good alternative in finding speakers, as this will create an interaction and a healthy discussion between our selected panelist and con-goers.

Our Panel Topics for this years conference are the following:

InfoSec State in the Country (Philippines) - Day 1
Cyber Terrorism What Is Our Stand - Day 2

Selected Panelist will be debating / discussing this two high-end topics during the panel discussion and at the same time get inputs from the audience.

Our Panelist will be announced on Friday.

Stay Tuned for Updates.