Saturday, September 03, 2011

[UPDATE] RC 5 Panelist

We have identified our list of panelist for the upcoming ROOTCON 5 Panel Discussion.

Day 1:  InfoSec State In The Philippines

Oliver Cam - Development and General Manager InfoWeapons Inc.

Roland Dela Paz - Security and Threat Researcher at TrendMicro

Atty. Al Vitangcol - Lawyer specializing in e-Commerce law.

Jaime Licauco - Security Professional that holds CISSP and GSEC certification

Day 2: Cyber Terrorism What Is Our Stand

Paul Sabanal - Security Research at IBM Security Systems, speaker at BlackHat Briefings

Sven Herpig - Professor and a PhD student specilizing CyberWarfare

Chris Boyd - Senior Threat Researcher at GFI, holds a title of Microsoft MVP for Computer Security

Berman Enconado - Senior Software Engineer at GFI

More updates on the ROOTCON 5 Panel Discussion will be published soon.