Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Simple Mass WEP and WPA Cracker

If there is Piata Scanner for scanning and cracking mass SSH (Secure Shell), there is also for mass WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) and WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) cracking. Wait, wait… say what??

You read me right! There is for mass WEP and WPA cracking. is a cool tool coded in python which makes cracking WIFI passwords and security easier. It can be executed by using the command line python or ./ To see a list of command lines with detailed information for the script, you can just type in the terminal ./ –help or python –help.

The tool is customizable to be automated with only a few arguments. Cool ey? Yeah, but it should always be noted that it requires Aicrack-ng suite which is used for auditing wireless networks and also needs macchanger which is of course  available via apt-get install.

What makes this tool easier is that it also has a GUI mode which runs by default after executing the script if it has a python-tk module. So far, the tool works good on my Backtrack 5 R1 and my Ubuntu 10.04 and a must have for Wi-Fi ninja geeks out there. It also works great with Blackbuntu. Not to mention that it also has a built in updater and can be updated by the command line ./ –upgrade or python –upgrade. was also mentioned in New York Times' article "New Hacking Tools Pose Bigger Threats to Wi-Fi Users" last February 16, 2011.

If you want to download the python script, click here.

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