Saturday, May 28, 2011

14 Year Old Hacker Hired by Microsoft after doing phishing via Call of Duty Server!

Is this a scam or just another copy paste story? I mean how can a 14 year old be hired by Microsoft by just phishing?

Honestly, I was a little bit of skeptic regarding the article that was posted in a few hours ago. But I couldn't doubt no more as I began to reflect on the article. The name of the Irish boy who stirred up a little trouble with his Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 phishing scam alert was not disclosed because of some legal issues.

Luckily the script kiddie didn't end up in jail instead was hired by one of the biggest company in the whole world which is Microsoft. The goal of Microsoft was to educate this self taught hacker(that's what they called him) and put his natural born talent of being innovative at a young age. And that they don't want young fellows like this Irish kid to end up by just pawning things and wrecking havoc in the cyber world.

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Shipcode is an InfoSec enthusiast from Cebu. During his high school days he was just an ordinary script kiddie. He loves to search for web exploits and other issues concerning network / wireless security.

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