Sunday, May 29, 2011

GMA News Hacking Incident

Around 1:00AM May 29, 2011 news spread all over Twitter and some other blog sites, mentioning the attack that occurred within the GMA News website. Basing on the defaced note and tweets posted on Twitter, a nick D4rkb1t caught up our attention because he is one of our speakers this coming ROOTCON 5 event.

We cannot easily confirm if it was indeed D4rkbit or somebody else using his nick to destroy his credibility.

To make things clear D4rkb1t is not in any way connected with ROOTCON. We identify our speakers through CFP or Call For Papers, CFP is open to anyone with cutting edge research or experience with regards to security. ROOTCON carefully examines the submitted paper and approve them accordingly.

D4rkb1t is one of the many folks that submitted a paper through our Call For Papers. We carefully examined his talk and it was approved by the topics committee.

His talk was about MITM on SSL With BackDoor As An After Effect.

Man In The Middle Attack on SSL with BackDoored After Effect
by: D4rkB1t


You think SSL is secure? This talk will demo out Man In The Middle Attack on SSL with BackDoored After Effect, on this talk the speaker will be using BackTrack 4 as a primary hacking tool to achieve the goal of the attack vector.

We at ROOTCON do not condone any illegal activities - however we do not criticize our speakers through an incident like what happened to the GMA News Hacking Incident.

ROOTCON will always serve its purpose as a neutral ground for white hats, black hats, grey hats and other security professionals. ROOTCON is not an underground organization nor an underground movement but an event and a community of free thinking individuals.

We preserve our speakers identity and privacy. Later today we received an email that D4rkb1t will cancel his talk this coming ROOTCON 5, we totally understand and respect the decision made by the speaker. This is to protect the image of ROOTCON.

ROOTCON Founder,