Saturday, May 14, 2011

Humble beginnings of ROOTCON

As a recap of our history, this group started as DEFCONPH (DEFCON Philippines) and launched on December 20, 2008 as an IT Security organization gathering the best minds in IT Security. The event took place at Handuraw Restaurant, Lahug, Cebu City, Philippines. After the said launching, series of events were organized in Manila.

Through the years it was later changed to and finally became It all started as a community group but later on, the founder and its loyal goons decided to make it as an event and a community for Information Security enthusiasts.

One of the objectives of ROOTCON is to foster camaraderie and sharing of expertise through IT Security conferences and gatherings.

Photos of ROOTCON past events can be viewed at:

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A self-confessed blogger minus the coffee. He maximizes his skills in consultancy, project management, professional networking, social media campaigns and very active in conceptualizing things. To date he already conducted several IT / Information Security events as his passion since 2007. Currently he's working as a Technical Support Specialist in a local company.

ROOTCON is managed by like minded InfoSec professionals across the Philippines.
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