Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Blog for ROOTCON?

Making a blog stand out of the crowd requires a strategy. Even if runs as an online community, it still depends on the support of the people behind a great idea and that is to have an independent community of security enthusiasts who come together to learn and share knowledge.

We cannot also deny the fact that some of you guys are good in writing, be it in technical or otherwise. So I encourage everyone to contribute to our blog site and of course we give due recognition. Just be ready with your “by-lines” or “about the author”.

Personally, I met individuals along the course of history of ROOTCON from its conception until what it has become. They are all good!

Thanks also to the Founders, invited guest speakers, sponsors and supporters (you know who you are) for your undying commitment, support and your efforts to make these things possible.

All information on ROOTCON websites (including this blog) is presented for educational and information purposes only and is not intended to constitute professional, legal, investment, or other advice. Information is provided without warranty.

All trademarks and logos are property of their respective owners. ROOTCON is not associated with any of the businesses or companies, unless specified.

Final Thoughts

The success of ROOTCON can only gain from a strong, smart and enthusiastic audience. I hope you are one of them.

Feel free to contact usa at info[at]rootcon[dot]org whenever you have a suggestion, a proposition for possible tie-ups during our conference or just want to say “Hi!”.

Our objective is very simple – “Promote Security Awareness”.

Thanks for all your support!

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A self-confessed blogger minus the coffee. He maximizes his skills in consultancy, project management, professional networking, social media campaigns and very active in conceptualizing things. To date he already conducted several IT / Information Security events as his passion since 2007. Currently he's working as a Technical Support Specialist in a local company.

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