Monday, June 27, 2011

Hackers For Charity The ROOTCON Way

Hackers For Charity didn't just appear out of the blue. It's been a many-year process that began with Johnny and Jen Long's various trips to Africa in 2006 through 2008. Over time, their passion for the plight of the vulnerable in East Africa demanded that they either back away from the work or embrace it fully. The decision was obvious: they would take the next step in the path laid before them. That's why, starting on June 15, 2009, Johnny, his wife and four children are relocating to Jinja, Uganda for one year to partner with AOET. Their goals are to:

Clarify the vision of HFC and discover how to best leverage the talents and gifts of the hacker community for lasting, life-saving change Learn the culture and listen to the needs of vulnerable East Africans to learn how to best serve them long-term Build HFC-funded computer classrooms in Uganda and Western Kenya to help give job skills to vulnerable children and adults. Scout and screen new locations for corporately-funded classrooms Maintain and repair existing classrooms and computer systems Train computer repair and maintenance technicians in-country Host four quarterly HFC "field-trips" to connect hackers and technologists to the life-changing work on the ground in East Africa

ROOTCON like any other hacker conference will be contributing to Hackers For Charity. There will be a Hackers For Charity booth during the CON, that has loads of goodies. All proceeds will go to Hackers For Charity "donate and get linked" (via

Our friend SuperPaul from CebuDirectories will be helping us to find a charity that will benefit for this activity. All our proceeds will be divided to our chosen charity as well as Johnny Long's Journey to Africa.
The ROOTCON way to contribute

1. Bring those old hardware, books and tech gadgets.(will be sent to our local charity here in the country.)
2. Buy the Node Zero Linux PenTest CD(specially crafted for ROOTCON 5). (proceeds will go to local charity)
3. Limited Hackers For Charity t-shirt.
4. Contact us if you want to host a Hackers For Charity swags.
5. Support the Long Journey to Africa (via

We encourage everyone to sincerely participate this activity.

Hackers are not bad guys, they have heart inside those black, white and gray hats.

To know more about this activity visit ROOTCON Hackers For Charity Activity