Sunday, June 19, 2011

ROOTCON Ad on “The Freeman” Cebu newspaper

ROOTCON 5 published on "The Freeman" Cebu newspaper, dated June 19, 2011 (page 5)

Finally. We were able to publish our first advertisement on “The Freeman” Newspaper, dated June 19, 2011.

Thanks to our sponsors and partners:

- Mozcom Inc.

- Infosec Philippines

- Trend Micro

- Parklane International Hotel

Global Interactive Solutions, Inc.
- Third Team Media


In every newspaper ad on "The Freeman" (Cebu newspaper) we will TRY to come up with different design concepts for "ROOTCON: 5th Philippine Hacker Conference and Information Security Gathering" which will be held on September 9 and 10, 2011, Parklane International Hotel, Cebu City, Philippines.

Newspaper Ad #1 (June 19, 2011 - page 5)
"Let's Talk About Security"

Newspaper Ad #2 (June 2011)
Hackers love technology, but crackers love to break it. Which one is he?"

Newspaper Ad #3 (July 2011)
"Hackers Coming to a Website Near You"

Newspaper Ad #4 (July 2011)
"If only I have the source code, I could change the world!"

Newspaper Ad #5 (August 2011)
"P495,740,890.00 money transferred and counting..."

Newspaper Ad #6 (August 2011)
"Pinoy Hackers: They Do Exist!"

Newspaper Ad #7 (September 2011)
"Warning: You've been hacked!"

If you have whacky yet funny tag lines, post it here or email us at What we posted above from newspaper ad #3 - 7 are not yet final. So you still have a chance to contribute or suggest a funny yet a bit serious tag line. :)

You want to volunteer for ROOTCON? Email us at We love to hear you!

Don''t forget, early bird discount is until June 30, 2011.

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A self-confessed blogger minus the coffee. He maximizes his skills in consultancy, project management, professional networking, social media campaigns and very active in conceptualizing things. To date he already conducted several IT / Information Security events as his passion since 2007. Currently he's working as a Technical Support Specialist in a local company.

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