Sunday, June 12, 2011

Outsourced Security on the Rise?

ROOTCON Company Tour

Target Company:
Providers of Managed Security Services

With the recent wave of cyber attacks, providers of managed security services are beefing up firewall, intrusion-detection, and risk-assessment offerings.

With limited IT resources, companies prompted to outsource security tasks such as firewalls and heightened the need for around-the-clock monitoring and analysis.

As the bad guys get more sophisticated, so do tools such as intrusion detection devices and other resources required to combat attacks will increase.

Just because an IT administrator can configure a firewall, it doesn’t mean he can do diagnosis of IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems) data.

This company tour will also interview your company’s representative if you have a range of services to offer to the public such as customized intrusion detection, incident responses, server hardening, system configuration, firewall reviews, vulnerability scanning to name a few.

If you know of any companies who offer these kinds of services, do contact us at info[at]rootcon[dot]org and we’ll be glad to feature them here.

Humbly speaking, the Banking sector / industry should also take this into consideration. Imagine if somebody is transferring your money electronically to undisclosed bank account? (Movie sequence starts….)

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