Saturday, June 11, 2011

Let me say Thank You to Ms. T for supporting ROOTCON

Since the start of our campaign for ROOTCON 5, we’ve met several people whom I believe supports ROOTCON as the Philippine’s Leading Information Security Conference that is not a marketing event but a unique technical gathering for professionals. Meet ups here in Cebu and another meet ups in Manila – yeah!

So who is Ms. T?

Ms. T is originally from Cebu and obtained her BSECE from USC-TC. She moved to the US shortly thereafter, obtained her MBA there and has worked abroad for many years mainly in the US and Japan.

Currently she’s based in San Francisco, CA and she’s here in the Philippines for a short vacation and at the same time share what she know and give back – “Pay It Forward”.

She spearheaded and co-founded “Tech Talks”. She’s glad to see our talented folks and she hopes that we can all work together to foster start-ups and do what’s necessary to become globally competitive in our industry.

She’s an independent consultant doing business development and international recruitment for clients in the tech industry – in the areas of business continuity, disaster recovery, data storage, information security and related fields.

Ms. T is one of our sponsors and she’ll be in Manila on June 13 onwards to attend another event and meet up with other InfoSec professionals .

Thank you!

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