Thursday, June 02, 2011

Pinoy Hacker's Confession 2004

On February 7, 2011 a user uploaded a video entitled "Pinoy Hackers Confession 2004". From the title itself this documentary video was dated in the year 2004.

This video clip is from Loren Legarda's Real Life Stories TV Program which I am not so familiar with. I was still on my sixth grade then at that time. I am not sure if you are familiar with this documentary video but if you are an infosec enthusiast, this is worth watching for.

This documentary video is a story about two Internet Relay Chat (IRC) users in Dalnet who are not only chatters but are associated with pinoy underground groups, namely #philcarder, #asianpride and #phteam to name a few and also a guy named Henry who is a cracker.

The first video is about a carder named Tamby who showed Loren how carding is done.

Carding is a term for theft and fraud using a credit card (CC) in order to purchase goods, gadgets, shirts, etc. Tamby explained that he got the full credit card details from another IRC user who posted the CC details of an American credit card owner. Tamby also showed how he ordered and received his shipment without being caught.

The second video is another carder named Michael who finished two computer courses - Computer Science and Computer Engineering.

He didn't have much to show but explained that he does scamming, phishing and also carding. Michael not only pawns people's accounts, he also sells the goods he purchased online.

He’s a linux user and was frequently on IRC channel #philcarder.
This same channel is also featured on this video clip.

The third video is another cracker named Henry. He
was branded here as a computer wizard because he monitors other people's computer and mobile phones. Yeah, you read me right! He also RATs cellphones.

This video was documented in 2004 and it has been three years since the Love Bug (I Love You Virus) incident of Onel de Guzman.

The first two people showed the capabilities of some IRC users in Dalnet which is common on IRC chat rooms. What struck me most is the third person who RATs another computer and mobile phones.

What Now?

To date, the NBI has been tracking carders but there has been no luck lately. This kind of people still exists today and in fact younger people are starting to get hooked up with this dilemma. I bet you have just read the story of a
14 year old boy who was hired by Microsoft.

Still, I don't like to brand them as l337 hackers but IRC enthusiasts and people who cracks out of curiosity. Ordinary users would call them hackers but if you pack them all together, they are just ordinary people like me and you.

What you see in this clip could not be branded as
real hacking because hacking is more than just what is shown here.

Hacking is more than what you can acquire physically. Hacking is when you advance yourself to learn more about the intricacies of technology and you help people secure themselves from these prying eyes on cyberspace.

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